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A NOTORIOUS burglar tried 'to leg it' after she was caught rummaging through rooms in a house, a court heard.

Winnie Cash (44) has more than 200 previous convictions, including 14 for burglary.

Judge Anthony Halpin imposed a five month sentence but suspended it for two years.

The defendant, of Hazel Hill in Tallaght, admitted before Tallaght District Court to a charge of burglary.

The incident took place at St Brendan's Terrace in Rathfarnham on September 29 last year.


Garda Brian Murray said Cash was apprehended by the householder while she was searching through rooms in the house.

The court heard that Cash ran off when she was spotted and was caught a short distance away from the scene.

Gda Murray said the defendant was identified by witnesses and she made admissions about her behaviour.

Defence solicitor Kevin Tunney said Cash, a widowed mother of three, developed an addiction to alcohol after her husband died in 1999.

Mr Tunney said the defendant wasn't in trouble prior to her husband's death, and his death turned her life upside down.

The solicitor said Cash had a difficult childhood and has mobility problems. She is currently serving a long sentence.

Mr Tunney said Cash feels she was not around for her children when they were growing up due to her addictions.

He also said Cash lost two children tragically, her husband died young and she suffers from a disability.