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One of you is lying -- judge in golf battle

ONE of these men is lying, Judge Joseph Mathews has said about Lucan golfers Alan Holmes and Martin Curtis, each of whom has sued the other for assault.

Judge Mathews told the court he is putting back his judgment on the grudge match, which left the public loos in Lucan Golf Club spattered with blood.

Alan Holmes, of Rathdown Drive, Terenure, and Martin Curtis, of Brooklodge, Curryhills, Prosperous, Co Kildare, are suing each other for €38,000 following the incident in the golf club seven years ago.

Judgment was expected in the case yesterday -- but it was reserved for an unspecified date next week.

Louis McEntagart, representing Alan Holmes, outlined how wagers offered on a televised match featuring Manchester United and Burnley had led to a bloody row breaking out between Holmes and Curtis.

Holmes claims Curtis had headbutted him without provocation or warning. Curtis said he punched Holmes in the face in self-defence. The row, which has split the club, has led to allegations of conspiracy and perjury on the part of witnesses who have given evidence for Mr Holmes.

Conor Bowman, for Martin Curtis, said the core issue of Holmes's case was that without word or warning he had been "loafed" as he turned from washing his hands in the sink.

He claimed witnesses "put up" by Holmes had deliberately engaged in a conspiracy to tell lies and commit perjury.

Judge Mathews said he found Patrick Carroll, who saw blood pumping from Holmes, a truthful witness. The judge said one of the two combatants was a liar. The issue for him was who had done what first.

During the trial the court heard that Holmes had told Curtis to "f*** off" when Curtis offered a €100 bet on Manchester United and had then repeatedly told Curtis he was "only a f****** mouth." Curtis allegedly told Holmes "I'm going to f****** do you outside."