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Officer fled to toilet cubicle to 'escape' from colleague accused of abusing him, court is told


Nile (Niall) Donohoe

Nile (Niall) Donohoe

Nile (Niall) Donohoe

A SENIOR military officer had to go into a toilet cubicle to "escape" from a colleague accused of verbally abusing and physically assaulting him, a court-martial has heard.

Lieutenant Colonel John Maloney entered a toilet cubicle to avoid any further confrontation with Commandant Nile (Niall) Donohoe during an incident in Casement Aerodrome in August 2007, the military court at McKee Barracks was told yesterday.

Commandant Donohoe is appearing before Military Judge Colonel Michael Campion's court in the Military Justice Centre to face five charges of breaching military discipline and insubordination.

However, the court martial heard yesterday that one charge would be struck out after an application was made on behalf of the defendant.


The case, which is being heard before a board comprised of six men and one woman, focuses on an exchange between the pair at Casement Aerodrome in August 2007.

Commandant Donohoe is accused of prodding his superior in the chest, calling him a "piece of sh*t" as well as accusing of him of "persistent lying", or words to that effect when he knew such an accusation was false.

Lieutenant Colonel Maloney, who has served in the Defence Forces for more than 24 years, told the hearing the Commandant Donohoe "got angry and aggressive" during a visit to his office to sign papers.

He told the court the accused left his office, but returned a short time later and squared up to him and "refused to leave".

Lieutenant Maloney then alleged that Commandant Donohoe followed him down a corridor and into the men's room, where he "confronted him".

This is when is he alleged to have called him the expletive and prodded him in what Lieutenant Maloney believes was "an unprovoked and malicious attack" which he will "never forget".

Counsel for Commandant Donohoe said his client denies all charges.

The hearing continues.