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No prison reprieve for dad-to-be in trespass


CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras

A JUDGE has refused to defer a prison sentence for a repeat offender so he could attend the birth of his second child.

Patrick Ward (32) was jailed for four months by Judge Bryan Smyth after he admitted trespassing at a north Dublin wholesalers.

His solicitor had asked the judge to allow Ward stay out of jail for the birth next month.

Ward, of Belcamp Lane, Coolock, pleaded guilty to trespassing at Leyden's Cash & Carry, Richmond Road, Fairview on August 14, 2014.

Dublin District Court heard the accused was seen on CCTV in an area where only traders were allowed.

He walked around the building for 15 minutes, making two attempts to gain access to an upstairs area.

The accused was arrested in November and identified himself on the footage.

Ward had been suffering from a drug addiction problem at the time.

He had 24 previous convictions for offences including theft and had come out of prison clean.

However, his solicitor Matthew Kenny said: "The difficulties he has had throughout his life revealed themselves again.

"The offence speaks for itself and the court can draw its own conclusions."

The judge refused to defer sentencing but set bail terms in the event of an appeal.