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New dad escapes ban over insurance mix-up

A NEW father who drove without insurance has avoided a driving ban as he needs his licence to transport his young family.

Francis Gavin (21) believed his friends when they told him that he was insured to drive another vehicle because his van was in the garage being repaired. Gavin brought his insurance to court, and he handed over €250 in compensation after his vehicle collided with a jeep.

A judge previously said he would not disqualify Gavin from driving if he could prove he was insured to drive his own vehicle.

The defendant was caught driving without insurance when his van collided with a jeep causing over €250 of damage to the front of the vehicle.

Gavin, who lives at an unofficial halting site on the Oscar Traynor Road, previously admitted before Swords District Court to driving without insurance and to failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

The incident took place at Wren's Nest, Rolestown, on August 1.

A garda witness previously said Gavin's van collided with a jeep shortly after 3pm, causing superficial damage to the front of the jeep.

The defendant left the scene but returned a short time later to check that the other driver was unharmed.

Defence lawyer Brendan Foley said Gavin had insurance on his own vehicle, but his friends told him he was insured to drive another vehicle because his was in the garage. The court heard that Gavin took his friends at their word, not now realises he should have checked.

Mr Foley said Gavin, who is a new father, had his insurance in court. Judge Brian Sheridan fined Gavin €250.