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Neighbour's face left covered in blood in brush attack

A DUBLIN man was brutally stabbed in the face with the jagged end of a broken sweeping brush by a neighbour.

Peter Crabbe, from Gray Square off Meath Street, was the victim of the frenzied attack outside his home while other residents looked on in shock.

David Doyle (50), also of Gray Square, left Mr Crabbe scarred after he thrust the pointed end of the broken metal brush into his face during the savage attack.

He was convicted of assault causing harm.

Mr Crabbe had been using the brush as a walking aid because he had a bad leg, but Doyle grabbed it off him and began striking him about the head and body.

Dublin District Court heard there had been a confrontation in the square where both men lived.

The incident happened on September 3 last year. Mr Crabbe told the court he was sitting down having a cup of tea outside his house when the defendant came around the corner calling him "all the names under the sun".

Speaking to the Herald, he said: "He swung a punch at me but missed, and then he grabbed the brush off me and started beating me with it on the head and back.

"Then when it broke he couldn't hit me with it anymore but stabbed me in the face with the jagged end. I never saw such viciousness in a man's face."

Mr Crabbe said in court he was hit eight to 12 times as he tried to block the blows with his arms.

Mr Crabbe denied borrowing cigarettes and money from Doyle, or that there had been a verbal altercation between them.

The court heard neighbours and Mr Crabbe's partner Sandra Farrington ran out when they saw the attack.

Doyle claimed in evidence that Mr Crabbe came at him with what he thought was a knife and cut his arm. He said he grabbed the brush off him out of "fright" and hit him with it, but denied stabbing his face.

The case was adjourned for a probation report and proposals for compensation to the victim.