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Neighbour's bullet threat over 'mooing noises' in apartment

A SOUTH Dublin man kicked in his neighbour's door and threatened to put a bullet in his head because he thought the victim was constantly making "mooing" noises, a court heard.

Michael Fallon (54) attacked his neighbour, a medical student at the Royal College of Surgeons, when he became convinced that he was making sounds like a cow in his apartment.

Dublin District Court heard Fallon had downed 12 cans of beer before he became agitated and broke into the upstairs flat, punching the victim in the face before making the bullet threat.

Judge Michael Walsh put him on a probation bond for a year after finding him guilty of assault and trespass charges.


Fallon, of Morehampton Road, had pleaded not guilty to assaulting Ryan McCormick and trespassing at his home in a manner likely to cause fear on April 1 last year.

Fallon lived in the bottom apartment in a building owned by his family and Mr McCormick was a tenant in the apartment above.

The victim was studying when he heard a series of thuds and went to see a "very large man" standing in the doorway.

The door had been "busted open", there were cracks in it, and the lock was broken. Fallon charged toward him, "yelling obscenities", mostly "gibberish". He did hear the accused say "you f***, what are you doing?"

"I said sir, you are in my apartment, I need you to leave, sir, please leave", he said.

The accused kept coming at him, swinging a punch that struck him in the face. He also kicked at him and attempted to punch him again, but missed.

"I continued saying sir, I very much need you to leave. He said if he ever saw me again he would put a bullet in my head," Mr McCormick said. He was disoriented and had a black eye after the attack.

"My wife was in the bedroom and it was my intention at the time that his attention was on me and he didn't turn around and go after her," he added.

Defence solicitor Caroline Egan said Fallon would say he went to the apartment because he heard "particular a type of noise over a period of months" which was distressing him.

He would maintain he stayed on the landing and tried to speak to Mr McCormick, but did not touch him. Mr McCormick denied this.


Garda Tyrone Houlihan said the accused was intoxicated when arrested. Fallon told gardai he "probably did" make the bullet comment but did not mean it and regretted it. He claimed Mr McCormick had been annoying him by "constantly following me around".

"He's constantly making a moo noise like a cow," the accused told gardai. "He did that four to five times."

The defendant did not go into evidence after the judge ruled he had a case to answer. Ms Egan said Fallon had medical issues and handed doctor's reports in to court.

"He doesn't do much except go to the local pub and the bookies' in Donnybrook", she said. He had no previous convictions and it was a "once-off incident".