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Neighbour denies 'threat to blow up' teen's house

A young man is accused of threatening to blow up another individual's house after he said it was "all out war" on the man and his family.

John Paul Duncan (26) has denied he made the threats, claiming that he is the one who has been threatened.

A teenager who was due to give evidence of the threats made against Duncan failed to appear in court.

Duncan was remanded in custody after a judge at the District Court refused bail.

Judge James McDonnell said it was clear there was "continuing bad blood" between the parties.

The judge said Duncan enjoyed the presumption of innocence, but the matter was very serious, and he must answer the charge before the courts.

The accused is alleged to have threatened to blow up the house in Tallaght, saying he "would not care who was in the house at the time".

Duncan strongly denied he made any threats, claiming he was "very worried" and serious threats had been made against him. He said he was in fear of his life, and alleged his family home had been smashed up in recent weeks.

Detective Garda David Jennings gave evidence that Duncan told him it is "all out war on this family".

Duncan, of Drumcairn Avenue in Tallaght, appeared before Tallaght District Court accused of threatening to cause criminal damage on February 2.

Gardai objected to bail and he was remanded in custody to appear in Cloverhill court next Friday.