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‘Naked thief’ causes mahem over nuggets

A naked thief’ “created mayhem” in holding cells at a courthouse after prison officers brought him chicken nuggets instead of a snack box for lunch.

Eddie O’Sullivan (25) first appeared naked apart from blue and white striped boxer shorts and a pair of grey socks at Ennis Circuit Court yesterday morning.

Representing himself in court, Mr O’Sullivan’s appearance was delayed after a prison officer told Judge Carroll Moran that the defendant had taken off all his clothes and was now naked in the holding cell below court.

Judge Moran said that Mr O’Sullivan could be brought up to court naked.

“We are all grown ups here and photography is forbidden in the courtroom,” the Judge said.

When Mr O’Sullivan did appear he was wearing boxer shorts and socks and apologised to Judge Moran for his state of dress.

“I know that I’m not dressed appropriately for court. I’m sorry judge,” he said.

Mr O’Sullivan demanded that the handcuffs on him be removed and, standing in his boxers and socks at the side of the court, he replied “Guilty Miss” when arraigned on one count of theft that took place in Ennis last August.

Judge Moran adjourned Mr O’Sullivan’s case to yesterday afternoon and told him “put some clothes on”.

However, before court commenced after lunch, loud banging taking place over a number of minutes could be heard from the holding cells below the courtroom.


Returning to court, Judge Moran told State counsel, Stephen Coughlan BL, that it was important that Mr O’Sullivan’s case be dealt with straight away.

Judge Moran said: “Mr O’Sullivan is creating mayhem downstairs.”

Mr O’Sullivan was brought back before the court and on this occasion, was fully clothed, wearing a blue and white Adidas hoodie, blue denim jeans and trainers.

Judge Moran asked Mr O’Sullivan, “Why were you making so much noise downstairs?”

“I asked for a snack box for my lunch and the prison officers brought me back wedgies and three chicken nuggets,” he replied.

“I’m sorry judge, I have apologised to all of the prison officers for my behaviour.”

The prison officers agreed that Mr O’Sullivan apologised.

In the case, Mr O’Sullivan with addresses at Parkview Apartments, Limerick and John Street, Limerick pleaded guilty to stealing a wallet containing €36 from a disabled man in Ennis last August.

Mr O’Sullivan said that he didn’t threaten the man and only dipped the wallet from his pocket.

Garda Cyril Paige said that Mr O’Sullivan is a habitual criminal and has 122 previous convictions. Mr O’Sullivan intervened to say that none were for violence.

Mr O’Sullivan - currently serving a sentence and not due for release to next year - told Judge Moran that he has suffered a number of bereavements in his extended family over the past year.

Judge Moran said that he would adjourn the case to September to allow a Probation and Psychiatric report be carried out.