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'My teeth died' after my dental treatment

A WOMAN sued a dental agency after it sent her to Hungary to get work done on her teeth but she ended up with three of her teeth dying, the High Court heard.

Siobhan Dowling (right), of Gleann na Riough, Naas, Co Kildare, sued Tibor Botos, trading as Tibor Dental, Balinnea, Carrigaline, Cork, a dental agency which refers patients to its clinics in Budapest.

The case came before High Court president Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns who was told Mr Botos was no longer legally represented and the matter was for assessment of damages only.

However, a man appeared in court saying he had been asked to deliver a letter from Mr Botos.


The judge adjourned the case until next week to give the defendant an opportunity to turn up in person, and also to allow a dental expert to give evidence on behalf of Ms Dowling.

Counsel for Ms Dowling, told the court her client had four veneers on her front teeth which needed replacement.

She attended Mr Botos in 2009 who advised her not to have veneers but to have six crowns put in. He advised her to go to Hungary for the work, which she did.

While it appeared to have been satisfactorily completed from a cosmetic viewpoint, the crowns did not fit and she developed increasing pain, counsel said.

By November 2009, her face had swelled up and after attending another dentist, it was found that two of her teeth were dead and a third was dying, counsel said.

She also had abscesses on her gums and was treated with anti-biotics.

A further examination by an endodentist showed the third tooth had died and the vitality of five teeth had been affected, counsel said.

She underwent repair treatment which did not conclude until May 2010.

Mr Justice Kearns said he would hear the medical expert on behalf of Ms Dowling next Thursday and it would also give Mr Botos a chance to turn up in court if he so wished.