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'My boyfriend raped me after drunken row'

A man has gone on trial for raping his girlfriend with an inhaler and beating her over the course of four hours.

THE woman told the court that the accused was enraged because she had slept with someone else a few weeks previously while he was in prison for the weekend.

The court also heard details of a Facebook message from the woman to the accused after the alleged rape, stating she was looking forward to her day in court and telling him he will be in prison in Dublin where she could have him beaten up.

"We'll see who the walkover is then," the message added.

The accused has pleaded not guilty to rape with an implement, sexual assault and assault causing harm at the couple's home in Louth on July 9, 2010.

The jury heard allegations that he began beating the woman when they got home from a party and went on to rip off her clothes and use his inhaler to rape her.

During cross-examination, the woman denied she had a drink problem but admitted she had been in trouble with gardai several times for alcohol related offences.


She also denied being charged in relation to an incident where she attacked the accused in a pub because he was "chatting up a girl."

The Central Criminal Court heard that on the day of the alleged rape, the woman and the accused went to a party separately.

She told the court that her boyfriend was angry and drunk when she arrived. She said she left the party after a while to get more beers from her house. Her boyfriend followed her and they argued in the kitchen.

They went to bed where the accused started giving out to her about someone she slept with several weeks before when they had temporarily split. She said he began hitting her and pulling her around by the hair.

She said he ripped off her clothes saying: "Is this what you want?"

The court heard that this is when the rape occurred. Afterwards she said she was sitting on the stairs when he grabbed her head and banged it off the bannister.

The woman agreed with Hugh Hartnett, defending, that she stayed in contact with the accused after the incident.

The trial continues.