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Musician hit taximan with bottle in row

A MUSICIAN smashed a bottle over a taxi driver's head, leaving him with a lacerated scalp when the pair had a row over the cabbie parking at a bus stop.

Kenneth McDermott (62) became "irate" with the driver when he swung a bag with a pub takeaway bottle in it, striking him over the head.

He was put on a peace bond for a year at Dublin District Court after he admitted assaulting the victim in the incident.

McDermott, with an address at Slievenamon Road, Drimnagh, pleaded guilty to assault with intent on the taxi driver by hitting him over the head with a glass bottle.

The offence is under the Public Order Act.

The court heard the incident happened at Thomas Street at 10.45pm on February 8 last. A dispute arose between the defendant who was standing at a bus stop and the taxi driver who was parking there.

In the course of the dispute, the accused swung a bag which had a bottle of alcohol he had bought and the victim was struck over the head.

The cabbie required hospital treatment for two lacerations to his scalp but the injuries did not require any stitches.


McDermott had been standing outside Vicar Street and a lot of taxis were blocking the buses, his solicitor Michael Staines said.

"He got irate because the buses could not get to where he was." As he passed the victim's car while getting onto the bus, he allegedly kicked the taxi bumper.

The driver got out to check his taxi for damage and restrained the accused, who swung the bag he was carrying.

Judge Watkin said McDermott might have been right to be angry but carried it "too far" and kicking the car was "ridiculously out of line".

Mr Staines said the victim had dealt with the incident and had forgiven the defendant.

"I was shocked the moment it happened, I'm not normally like that," McDermott told the judge. The court heard the accused did not present as a "particularly angry person" and the judge said it was "one of these unfortunate incidents".

McDermott handed €500 in to court to be given as compensation to the victim, who in turn said he would give €100 of this to charity.