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Murder victim found in bog stabbed 64 times

A BRAZILIAN murdered at a remote bog where his body was then dumped had been stabbed 64 times.

Bruno Lemes de Sousa's body floated in a drain for almost a month before it was found by gardai.

A post-mortem examination revealed he had been stabbed in the neck, face, chest, abdomen and arms.

Fellow Brazilian Wenio Rodriguez da Silva (29) and John Paul Cawley (20), both of Ardoughter, Ballyduff, Co Kerry, deny murdering the 28-year-old at Shronowen Bog, Tullamore, Listowel, Co Kerry on February 16 or 17, the day before he was reported missing by his girlfriend, Patricia Silva.



The Brazilian's badly decomposed body was found in a drain at the bog on March 11 with his hands bound.

Assistant State pathologist Dr Margot Bolster concluded he had died from haemorrhage and shock due to blood loss from the stab wounds.

Dr Bolster was giving evidence at the Central Criminal Court in Tralee where the trial is ongoing.

She said Mr de Sousa also had a number of cuts on his hands that were characteristic of defence wounds.

He also had bruising on his head and forearm, consistent with trying to protect himself from being hit.

Dr Bolster said Mr de Sousa had suffered a "sustained and violent attack" but would have died immediately once the stab wounds were inflicted.

The level of decomposition made it impossible to determine the sequence of the wounds. The trial heard a number of the wounds, which were consistent with a 20cm knife recovered from a river, would have been fatal.

Mr de Sousa had suffered a punctured lung and one of the stab wounds had penetrated his heart.

His jugular vein and subclavian arteries had also been severed which would have lead to "profound bleeding".

The depth of the wounds varied from 2.5cm to 16cm and considerable force had been used causing the blade to penetrate his sternum and his ribs.

Only minimal amounts of alcohol were detected in Mr de Sousa's bloodstream, which Dr Bolster concluded had probably occurred after his death, caused by bacteria getting into his blood. There were no drugs in his system.

Da Silva's former girlfriend and sister of his co-accused, Sandra Cawley, led gardai to where the body dumped on March 11 last.

Detective Sergeant John Heaslip had obtained a search warrant to search the rented house in Ardoughter, where it is alleged Mr de Sousa had been beaten and held captive prior to his murder.

Det Sgt Heaslip said Ms Cawley had also stopped at a number of points on the way to the bog and indicated to gardai where two knives had been thrown in the river Cashen and where clothes had been dumped.

Det Sgt Paul Kennedy arrested John Paul Cawley at the house in Ballyduff.



On the way there he said Mr Cawley kept on rocking in his seat and saying he felt sick and was going to faint.

He kept on saying: "I killed him, I killed him. I'll tell ye the truth", the garda said. "He kept blessing himself saying: 'Help me, I killed him'," Det Sgt Kennedy told the trial.

Da Silva was arrested after being restrained by the Garda Regional Response Unit. He was brought to Listowel Garda Station by Det Garda Shane O'Driscoll for questioning.

The trial resumes today.