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Mum who glassed man's face in drunken row avoids prison

A MOTHER-of-four who drunkenly smashed a pint glass into a man's face during a row has been handed a four-year suspended sentence.

Sinead Cooney (26) was also told to complete 240 hours' community service and attend an alcohol treatment programme after she admitted assaulting David Kearns (29).

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that Cooney, of Suncroft Drive, Tallaght, and her friends had been put of the Old Mill Pub by bouncers, but had asked to go back inside and get their handbags.

The women walked by a man who was involved in an unrelated dispute and a further altercation took place.


"One of Ms Cooney's friends made a go at a male door staff and Mr Kearns grabbed one of the girls," garda Padraig Mullarkey told the court.

Cooney then smashed a glass into the right side of Mr Kearns' face and he fell to the ground.

A bouncer grabbed Cooney, who was kicking and screaming, and she left the scene.

Mr Kearns was taken to hospital, where he needed four stitches near his right eye.

Gardai were contacted and along with the pub manager, they followed Cooney onto the Old Bawn Road, where they spoke to her.

"Her hands were covered in blood and she matched the description of the woman involved in the altercation," said Garda Mullarkey.

Gardai took her details and spoke with Mr Kearns, who at the time expressed the wish that he did not want to make a complaint.


But five days later he changed his mind because he was worried about his appearance and being left with a scar.

Officers obtained a warrant to search the home of Cooney, who has three previous convictions, on November 29, 2011, and she told them she "had expected the knock but did not know when it would come".

"She was in a distressed state and handed over the dress she wore on the night and asked us if she was going to go to jail," Garda Mullarkey told the court.

Cooney told gardai she glassed Mr Kearns as her friends were jumped earlier. "I was so drunk," she added.