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Mum tried to sell rare surf kites

A MOTHER-of two who tried to sell rare windsurf kites at a specialty shop in Dublin claimed she had no idea they were stolen or how much they were worth.

Anita Doran (34) maintained she had been given the kites to sell on and did not realise they were worth more than €3,000.

Doran, of Ballybough House, Ballybough, pleaded guilty to possession of three stolen surf kites at Pure Magic, Clontarf Road, on July 29, 2012.

Garda Lee Gavin told Dublin District Court the defendant had gone to the shop offering the three rare kites for sale.

The owner became suspicious and went online, where he found a blog from the owner saying his kites had been stolen.

When Doran returned to the shop for the money, the gardai were there and she was arrested.

"There is no allegation that she stole the property herself," her barrister Rory Staines said.

Judge Catherine Murphy adjourned the case to July 9 for a community service report. If suitable, an order for 220 hours would be imposed instead of a four-month prison sentence.