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Mum-to-be accused of pushing another woman with glass in hand in Coppers 'push' assault


Copper Face Jacks

Copper Face Jacks

Copper Face Jacks

A CLUBBER is alleged to have injured another young woman by pushing into her while holding a glass in her hand in a Dublin night spot.

Amy Sutton (25) assaulted the woman, leaving her with facial injuries as she pushed past her at the toilets at Copperface Jack's, it is alleged.

Ms Sutton, who is now pregnant, had the case against her adjourned at Dublin District Court.

She is accused of assault causing harm to the alleged victim at the club on Harcourt Street on November 30 last year.

Sergeant Zita Woods said the DPP had consented to the case being dealt with at district court level.

Outlining the prosecution's case, she said the woman (24) was walking out of the toilets when the accused allegedly pushed her to get past.

It was alleged the defendant, from Tobernea Terrace, Blackrock, became aggressive and verbally abusive.

She had a glass in her hand when she pushed the woman out of the way in an attempt to get past her, it was alleged.

The court heard the woman suffered a cut to her nose and two to three cuts and bruising around her left eye.


"It was more a push than a direct assault," Sgt Woods said.

Reading a medical report, Judge John O'Neill noted that there was no "visual disturbance" or scar resulting from the alleged assault.

"It is alleged this lady made contact with another lady with a glass in her hand," Judge O'Neill said. "It could have been far, far worse for the alleged injured party." He accepted jurisdiction to deal with the case in the district court.

The court heard the accused was due to give birth soon.

Judge O'Neill made an order for disclosure of prosecution statements to the defence, and any CCTV evidence.

He granted legal aid after hearing the accused was currently not working and in receipt of social welfare.