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Mum 'panicked' and stole electrical goods

A WOMAN who panicked in a Balbriggan supermarket and stole electrical items after she realised the store no longer offered a 'Buy Now, Pay Later' scheme has been convicted and fined at Balbriggan District Court.

Caroline Keogh (40) took the electrical goods worth €247.59 and went past all points of payment in Tesco at Millfield in Balbriggan and was stopped by security staff after she left the supermarket, the court heard.

Keogh, of Woodland Park in Rush, pleaded guilty to the theft of the items from Tesco at Millfield Shopping Centre on May 10.

Sergeant Tony Tighe gave evidence that gardai received a call that security guards had detained Keogh outside the supermarket.

Ms Keogh fully admitted the offence of theft to gardai.

She has no previous convictions, Sgt Tighe told the court.

Defence barrister Patrick Jackson said the divorced mother-of-two had her passport and a utility bill with her to participate in the 'Buy Now, Pay Later' scheme but when she realised the supermarket no longer offered the scheme, she panicked.

"She got as far as the cash register and panicked and then walked out of the supermarket with the goods without paying for them," said Mr Jackson.

He said she made full admissions to gardai and apologised for her behaviour.

He told the court that Keogh is not in a position to immediately offer money as a way of a charitable donation if the court saw fit to do so but if she was given some time she could come up with some money.

When Judge Dermot Dempsey asked had the defendant any previous similar offences, Sgt Tighe said she has no previous conviction, but has committed similar offences.

"In those circumstances I won't go by way of a charitable donation,' said Judge Dempsey as he convicted and fined Keogh €100.

He fixed recognisances in the event of an appeal.