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Mum of seven and oldest son face Christmas in jail for court 'mayhem'


A male Garda was treated in hospital for injuries arising from the incident.

A male Garda was treated in hospital for injuries arising from the incident.

A male Garda was treated in hospital for injuries arising from the incident.

A MOTHER-of-seven and her eldest son could be spending Christmas behind bars after 'complete mayhem' broke out at a district court yesterday.

At Kilrush District Court, Judge Patrick Durcan jailed Susan O'Sullivan (44), of Moore Street, Kilrush, for 14 days after he heard that she kicked and scraped at a garda and pulled off his hat outside court.

Judge Patrick Durcan said that "complete mayhem" had occurred as a result of the incident involving Mrs O'Sullivan and her son, Patrick Whynne (18), and suspended court business for five minutes as a result.

In response to the incident shortly before mid-day, uniformed gardai in the courtroom rushed from the court after raised voices were heard from the court foyer.

Garda Jim McNamara came back into court to tell Judge Durcan that a disturbance had just occurred involving Mrs O'Sullivan and Mr Whynne.

Mrs O'Sullivan was accompanying her son out of court after he secured bail on other matters before the court. Garda James Doddy told the court that he went out to the disturbance and attempted to arrest Mr Whynne where Mr Whynne told him "to f**k off back inside".

"There were a lot of members of the public present and he had to be restrained on the ground," Gda Doddy said.

"Mrs O'Sullivan attempted to prevent Mr Whynne from being arrested. I was kicked and scraped by Mrs O'Sullivan and she took my hat off my head and threw it on the ground," his colleague, Gda McNamara, added.

"This is severely out of character for her. I have had many dealings with her over the years and I have never found her to be like this. Patrick Whynne is her son and this had a bearing on her manner."


Arising from the incident, both O'Sullivan and Whynne - who also has no previous convictions - each pleaded guilty to a public order offence. Solicitor for Mrs O'Sullivan Patrick Moylan said O'Sullivan saw her son being arrested and reacted pointing out that she apologised.

"She has done everything she can to make it good," he said.

Judge Durcan described O'Sullivan as a "blaggard because of her blaggard behaviour in the way she treated Garda McNamara".

Sentencing both to 14 days in jail, Judge Durcan refused a request from Mr Moylan to suspend the jail terms.

"I will not have this type of conduct in any part of this district. I will not have members of the gardai being treated in the way that Garda McNamara was treated," he said.

"Anyone who engages in this level of disrespect towards gardai, they are going to have the full forces and pressure of the law," the judge added.

Judge Durcan fixed recognisance in the event of an appeal.