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Mum-of-four attacked girl and dad

A MOTHER-of-four who put a teenage girl in a headlock -- then attacked the girl's father when he intervened -- has been given a three-month sentence.

Margaret Joyce (28) kicked and punched both the girl (18) and her father (41) during a brawl outside her home in Wicklow.

Judge Murrough Connellan suspended the sentence for a year and fined her €250. Joyce admitted two counts of assault and charges of breach of the peace and disorderly conduct.

The incident happened at Hawthorn Drive, Rathdrum, Co Wicklow on March 1, 2009.

Garda Sgt Mary Burbage told Wicklow District Court the incident started outside Joyce's home at around 4am and developed into a brawl on a nearby green area.

Joyce subjected both victims -- Lisa Kinsella and her father Robert -- to verbal abuse, screaming obscenities at the top of her voice.

Several people were making their way from the private party Ms Kinsella had come from.

Ms Kinsella was "an innocent party", and was with someone who was picking something up from Joyce's house. Joyce refused her entry.

Joyce "got into a tangle" with Ms Kinsella, punched her, got her in a headlock and "pulled the hair from her head".

Mr Kinsella had been at the same party as his daughter and heard what was happening.

He went to her aid, but Joyce turned on him, punching him in the face and kicking him.

"There was a brawl and this did intimidate and frighten a lot of people," the sergeant added.

The court heard Joyce had previous convictions for motoring, public order and drugs offences.

Joyce's solicitor said Lisa Kinsella had arrived at the house and was objecting to her presence there. He said Joyce's previous convictions were mainly for road traffic offences and she had "nothing of this nature" on her record.

She was unemployed and unmarried.

Judge Connellan gave her concurrent three-month sentences on the assault charges, fined her for breach of the peace and took the other charge into consideration.