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Mum of five stole Halloween outfits for kids


Winnie Laurence

Winnie Laurence

Winnie Laurence

A MOTHER-of-five shoplifted Halloween costumes for her children while she was under financial pressure, a court heard.

Winnie Laurence (25) admitted stealing the outfits from a Dublin supermarket.

Judge Alan Mitchell applied the Probation Act, leaving her without a criminal record.

Laurence, with an address at Coldcut Crescent, Coldcut Road, Clondalkin pleaded guilty to one count of theft.

Blanchardstown District Court heard the incident happened at Supervalu in Palmerstown Shopping Centre on October 23 last year.

Sgt Mary Doherty said the accused went to the shop, selected the goods and was stopped leaving. They cost €70 and were recovered intact.

"They were Halloween costumes for her children," defence solicitor Simon Fleming said. Laurence had no previous convictions of any kind.

She had eloped at the age of 17 and her family did not approve of this, Mr Fleming said.


Laurence had left school at 14, had relatively poor skills and had difficulty accessing courses because of the size of her family.

"I appreciate the financial pressure you might be under but the way is not to go in and steal items," Judge Mitchell said. "Other people have to save the money. Don't be tempted again."

The judge said he was applying the Probation Act on condition that she is of good behaviour and commits no offences for six months.