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Mum-of-3 made HIV bite threat to gardai

A MOTHER-of-three who threatened gardai that she had HIV and would bite them in a drunken episode in a shop has been given a three-month sentence.

Donna O'Reilly (31) was arrested and went on to kick a patrol car window so hard she knocked it out of its frame.

Dublin District Court heard that she had been released from a four-year sentence for robbery when she began re-offending and is now back in prison.


Judge William Early gave her a concurrent three month sentence, with a further three months suspended when she gets out again in 2015.

O'Reilly, with an address at Mount Brown, Dublin 8 pleaded guilty to a series of charges, including criminal damage, theft and possession of stolen property, drugs and public order offences.

A garda sergeant told the court O'Reilly was at Spar, Talbot Street on December 27 last when she was asked to leave for drinking alcohol on the premises. She hurled abuse at staff, picked up a bottle from a counter and used it to smash a light fitting over the deli area.

Gardai came to remove her and she was extremely aggressive, threatening that she had HIV and was going to bite one of the officers.

She was arrested and put into the patrol car, where she kicked the window with such force that she knocked it out of its frame.

The accused had 18 previous convictions and had been given a four-year sentence for robbery in 2011, with part suspended. She was out for nearly a year and was initially doing well but her life became "chaotic", her solicitor Caroline Egan said. O'Reilly had a serious alcohol problem and was suffering from a drug-related illness and things "hadn't been good for her".

"In the past year or so I have been very bad on the drink, I don't remember picking up half of the charges", the accused told Judge William Early.

Judge Early suspended the consecutive three-month sentence for two years.