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Mum jailed after pensioner's finger broken in robbery

A MUM of two has received a three-year sentence with the final 12 months suspended for her role in burgling an elderly widow's home.

Garda Dean Kearns revealed that one man who entered the premises broke the then 78-year-old victim's finger as he pulled off her engagement ring.

Michelle Hanrahan (25) admitted she had driven a car with two teenage male passengers and two adults with the intention of burgling empty homes so she could buy a deal of heroin later that day.

Hanrahan, of Bawnlea Drive, Tallaght, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to burglary at the Gledswood Park premises in Clonskeagh on September 13, 2009. She has 47 previous convictions for thefts, burglaries and driving offences and had been disqualified from driving at the time.

Garda Kearns told Martina Baxter, prosecuting, that the victim, who has since died of natural causes, had been lying on her bed reading newspapers when she heard a noise from downstairs.

She thought it was from her son coming home but later noticed a man on the bed beside her and another in the corner of the room. She had been terrified and saw her finger bleeding and her engagement ring missing.