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Mum acted as look-out in €42k raid

A mum who acted as a look-out for her ex-boyfriend when he stole over €40,000 worth of designer items from a Dun Laoghaire boutique three years ago has been given a partly suspended sentence.

Sonia Kennedy (26), was described as "the unluckiest woman in Ireland" by Judge Tony Hunt last month after a bench warrant was issued for her arrest when she left Dublin Circuit Criminal Court just before she was due to be sentenced.

Judge Hunt had noted that Kennedy, of Coiscairne, Old Connaught Avenue, Bray, had been late for every court appearance before him for a variety of reasons. She had been in court earlier that morning but had left and not returned after telling her solicitor she was going to the toilet. She was brought back before the courts yesterday after gardai had successfully executed the warrant and remanded her in custody.

Judge Hunt sentenced Kennedy to two years in prison, which was backdated to last October, before he suspended the balance on strict conditions.

Kennedy pleaded guilty last year to her role in the theft from Seagreen, Monkstown Crescent on April 22, 2007. She was caught on CCTV aiding the thief while he stole jewellery, sunglasses and jeans, valued at €42,000.

Detective Garda Daniel Treacy told prosecution counsel, Damien Colgon BL, that gardai recovered €7,000 worth of the stolen goods from a derelict house at George's Place, Dun Laoghaire, where the mother-of-three claimed she had been squatting with her boyfriend.

He said gardai identified Kennedy as a suspect from her "distinctive jacket" on CCTV footage, received from the shop owner after she'd been alerted to the break-in by her store's security firm.