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Mum (30) swallowed 'cocktail of heroin'

A MOTHER of one swallowed a "cocktail of heroin" on seeing gardai approach for a drugs search.

Melissa Cusack (30) downed the heroin when a garda saw her with it in the passenger seat of a car.

She was found with sleeping tablets that had not been prescribed for her, but was left without a conviction for drugs charges when a judge decided to "give her a chance".

Cusack, of Whitechurch Avenue, Balyboden, pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of Diazepam tablets and obstructing a garda search at Barton Road East, Dundrum on November 17, 2010.

Judge John Lindsay heard Cusack was now off drugs. He said he would give her a chance and dismissed the charges under the Probation Act.

Another judge had been "horrified" at the danger Cusack had put herself in by "swallowing this cocktail of heroin", her solicitor told the court.