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Motorist gets a 30-year ban

AN EXPECTANT father who was slow to get insurance after he bought a car from a friend has been banned from driving for 30 years and sentenced to four months in prison.

Anthony Heapes (24) had three previous convictions for driving without insurance.

The defendant, of Cloonmore Lawns, Tallaght, admitted before Tallaght District Court to driving without insurance or a driving licence in Cheeverstown Road on August 15 last year.

Defence solicitor Michael Hennessy said the defendant was an out-of-work construction worker.

He has a six-year-old child, and his partner is pregnant with his second child.

Boy robbed takeaway chips

A 13-year-old boy who robbed a delivery man has admitted the offence, a week after he was "incited" to plead not guilty by a gang of older youths who gave him free "legal advice" while his solicitor was talking to him.

The boy admitted before Tallaght District Court to robbing a delivery driver of take-out food, including chips, a spice burger and a sausage, worth €14.60, in Tallaght on January 4.

Defence solicitor Padraig O'Donovan said the boy was going to plead guilty last week but he got talking to a group of older boys who "pumped some nonsense into him".

The case was adjourned for four weeks to allow the probation services to work with the boy.

Tesco Xbox thief is jailed

A HOMELESS man who stole an Xbox 360 from a supermarket has been sentenced to four months in prison.

Anthony Savage (32) pleaded guilty before Tallaght District Court to stealing the Xbox 360, worth €200, from Tesco, The Square Shopping Centre, on April 23.

The court heard that Savage, of Santa Maria Hostel, Charlemont Street, Dublin 2, had a number of previous convictions.

Judge John Coughlan sentenced him to four months in prison.