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Motorist dragged out of car during road rage assault


Edward Oseyemi’s behaviour was a ‘moment of madness’

Edward Oseyemi’s behaviour was a ‘moment of madness’

Edward Oseyemi’s behaviour was a ‘moment of madness’

A motorist who was unhappy with another man's driving followed him along a motorway, jumped into his car and dragged him out, a court heard.

Edward Oseyemi (54) said his behaviour was "a moment of madness", which he deeply regretted.

Judge Gerard Jones struck out the case, leaving Oseyemi without a conviction, after he brought compensation to court for the victim.

The defendant, with an add-ress at Hazel Grove, Tallaght, had previously admitted assaulting a man on the M4 junction 6 near Leixlip on January 14 last year.

Blanchardstown District Court heard Oseyemi was driving on the M4 when he became unhappy with another man's manner of driving.

He followed him and jumped into his car.

The 35-year-old victim was then pulled out of the vehicle, the court heard.

A garda witness said the victim, who was self-employed, was "fine" and had not suffered any physical injuries during the incident.


However, the garda said the man "got an awful fright on the night".

The court heard that Oseyemi had never been in trouble before.

Defence solicitor Liam Cado- gan said the defendant had brought €1,800 in compensation with him.

Mr Cadogan noted that Oseyemi had been asked to bring €2,000, but he was curr- ently not working and had only been able to raise only the lesser amount.

The solicitor described the assault as an "utter moment of madness" and the defendant did not know what he had been thinking. He also said Oseyemi had learned "a serious lesson".

Mr Cadogan asked Judge Jones to leave Oseyemi without a conviction, saying it would impact on his future chances of employment.

Judge Jones said he would accept €1,800 for the victim and struck out the charge, adding that "money talks" and it was an expensive day for the defendant.

Judge Jones also said Ose- yemi was a lucky man and he knew he could have been sitting in a prison cell.

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