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Mother used rolling pin to assault three people

A MOTHER-of-three charged with assaulting two men and a woman with a rolling pin has been found guilty of the offences by a judge.

Lorraine Butterly (36), of Coleman Crescent in Lusk, Co Dublin had denied assaulting Glenda and Peter Thompson and Ken Mullins with the baking utensil on September 17, 2013 at Coleman Crescent in Lusk. She further denied being in possession of an offensive weapon, namely the rolling pin on the same date.

After hearing all of the evidence at Swords District Court Judge Dermot Dempsey said he was not accepting the defendant's evidence as he said it had "no credibility."

Ken Mullins said Peter Thompson was on the green having an argument with another man, who had a baseball bat.

Butterly, who has four previous convictions including two assault convictions, came out of her house with a rolling pin and started to swing it aggressively at himself and Peter Thompson. He said she hit both him and Mr Thompson with the rolling pin and then lunged at Ms Thompson, who arrived at the scene.

The defendant said she had "no idea" where the rolling pin came from and denied striking anyone. She said there had been ongoing disputes among the Thompsons', Mr Mullins and herself and another person.


The State solicitor put it to Lorraine Butterly that it was not a case of "self defence but an act of aggression," which the defendant denied.

After Judge Dempsey said he was not accepting the defendant's evidence, he convicted her on the three assault charges and being in possession of a rolling pin as an offensive weapon. He ordered a Probation Report and warned the defendant it "better be satisfactory or you are facing custody," and remanded her to reappear on September 7.