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Mother 'fears attack by son' Donor plea for Lion King girl Producer's son killed in knifing Angry debtor loses houses

A YOUTH who allegedly smashed the windscreen of his mother's car while she was driving consented yesterday to a further remand in custody.

The Dublin Children's Court heard that the 17-year-old boy's mother was afraid he would attack her.

The boy was arrested on Thursday and charged with criminal damage to a wall that morning, breach of the peace, damaging his mother's car windscreen and possessing a quantity of heroin.

The boy had been remanded in custody for one night, to appear again yesterday. He consented to further remand and the case was adjourned until Thursday.

Donor plea for

Lion King girl

The cast and crew of The Lion King are trying to save the life of cast member Shannon Tavarez (11), who was forced to quit the Broadway show after she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Tavarez needs a bone marrow transplant and more than 700 people showed up to a donor registration event yesterday at the theatre where the show is performed. Hundreds more signed up online.

Producer's son killed in knifing

A woman has pleaded not guilty in the fatal Beverly Hills stabbing of her former boyfriend, who was the son of a Japanese movie producer.

Chie Coggins Johnson and her current boyfriend Scott Barker allegedly stabbed Katsutoshi Tony Takazato to death last week after the woman claimed Takazato had physically abused her.

Takazato's father, Fuminori Hayashida, produced several movies in the 1990s, including Lured Innocence starring Dennis Hopper.

Angry debtor loses houses

A BUSINESSMAN who had to give up three properties to Ulster Bank over debt complained yesterday the bank gave no recognition to the economic crisis when dealing with him.

Aidan Morrison, of , Convent Lane, Portmarnock, Dublin, who also consented to a €1.8m judgment against him in favour of the bank in the Commercial Court yesterday, said there was a failure to "meaningfully engage" with him.