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Mother admits stab attack on school grounds

A MOTHER has pleaded guilty to two charges in connection with the multiple stabbing of another woman on school grounds earlier this year.

At Ennis Circuit Court, Charlene Sherlock (22) of Dromard, Lahinch Road, Ennis, pleaded guilty to intentionally or recklessly causing serious harm to Nicole Keane (23) in the grounds of an Ennis primary school on April 13.

A mother of an eight-month-old baby, Ms Sherlock also pleaded guilty to producing a steak knife at the Holy Family School on that Saturday afternoon.



In the alleged assault, Ms Keane suffered multiple stab wounds to the upper chest.

In court, counsel for Ms Sherlock, Michael Collins, applied for the extension of the legal aid certificate to cover a report by a consultant psychiatric attached to the prison service and from Ms Sherlock's own GP, before sentencing proceeds.

Mr Collins said that Ms Sherlock is under the care of the consultant psychiatrist attached to the prison service.

Mr Collins asked that sentencing be adjourned to November 25 to Ennis Circuit Court.

He said: "In fairness, Ms Sherlock has pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity and is anxious to know her fate."

Mr Collins said that if the reports were not available for that date, the sentencing could take place at a later date.

Mr Collins said that Ms Sherlock remains in custody as she has been unable to take up bail. Judge Gerald Keyes remanded Ms Sherlock in custody to November 25.

At the same court last month, Judge Keyes issued a stern warning to the authorities concerning the death of Ms Sherlock's brother, James.

The body of the 24-year-old double leg amputee was found on the grounds of Ennis golf club in August after dying of a suspected drug overdose.

In court, Judge Keyes warned that until a sufficient number of facilities for drug addicts are put in place, more deaths like the one suffered by James Sherlock will occur.



Ms Sherlock's life was also touched by tragedy with the death of her mother, Martina.

A mother-of-13, Mrs Sherlock (39) died on December 19, 2008 from organ failure caused by sepsis.

Mrs Sherlock first attended the A&E at Ennis General Hospital in June and was not diagnosed with appendicitis until November 2008.

The circumstances around Mrs Sherlock's death was the subject of a 2011 High Court settlement between Mrs Sherlock's husband, James Snr and the HSE, with the executive paying out an undisclosed amount to the Sherlock family.