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Mother accused of nail file threat

A MOTHER-of-one, who allegedly threatened to stick a metal nail file into a security guard after she was refused entry into a shop, has claimed that CCTV footage will clear her of any wrongdoing.

Carmel Hynes (33) is alleged to have forced her way into the shop, past a security guard, and made the threat to the security manager when he asked her to leave.

She has been warned to keep away from the shop and not to have contact with any of the employees.

A court heard Hynes, who works as a carer, was previously barred from the shop in Tallaght.

Judge James McDonnell adjourned the matter for DPP's directions on the charges.

The defendant, of Brookview Rise in Tallaght, appeared before Tallaght District Court charged with public drunkenness, threatening and abusive behaviour and producing a weapon during the course of a dispute.

The alleged incident took place at Supervalu, Belgard Square West, Tallaght on November 23.

Outlining the allegation to the court, Garda Sergeant Bernard Jones said it was alleged Hynes was stopped in the foyer by a security guard who asked her to leave as she was barred from the shop.

It was alleged that Hynes, who was drunk and abusive, forced her way past the security man and lit a cigarette in the shop.


Sgt Jones claimed the shop manager came up to her and asked her to leave. At this point, it is alleged she produced a metal nail file from her bag and advanced towards him, shouting "Do you want something stuck in you?".

Defence lawyer Diarmuid Collins asked for CCTV footage of the alleged incident, saying Hynes completely denies the allegation and the CCTV will prove that.

Judge James McDonnell adjourned the matter for six weeks for DPP's directions on the charges.