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'Most dangerous' inmate attacks three prison staff

THE most violent criminal in Ireland's prison system has struck again in an incident in which he attacked and injured three jail staff including a nurse in Mountjoy Prison.

Brutal thug Leon Wright (25) has now been transferred to Cork Prison from Mountjoy where he is expected to remain on a restricted disciplinary regime for 40 days after he "lost the plot" and assaulted three staff members on Tuesday night.

Wright who is originally from St Theresa's Gardens in Dublin's south inner city, has amassed well over 200 serious breaches of discipline since he first entered the Irish prison system in October, 2005.


He is considered the "angriest young man in Ireland" by staff who have to deal with him.

Jail insiders have told the Herald that in the latest incident, Wright was being treated by a male prison nurse for a knee injury when he suddenly "went mad".

A source explained: "He swung at the nurse for no reason and out of nowhere. The nurse suffered a wrist injury in the incident and he later required hospital treatment.

"After Wright swung that punch, back up was called and a number of prison officers went to assist.

"Officers were forced to use control and restraint techniques to subdue Wright who was then brought to an observation cell in a segregated area.

"He calmed down briefly but then he kicked off again and assaulted two officers. He was eventually subdued and transferred out of the jail on Thursday where he will be in an isolation area in Cork Prison for the next five weeks."

In January, the Herald revealed that Wright had been given his own punchbag in prison in an effort to reduce his violent aggression.

Wright is currently awaiting sentence for attacking a group of people in the Grafton Street area with a knife last April.

He was out on bail when he attacked a group of people on Grafton Street last April

A 31-year-old man was stabbed in the chest, another male (35) was stabbed in the back, and a 22-year-old woman also suffered minor injuries.

Wright pleaded guilty to attempted robbery last December, and will be sentenced next month at Dublin Circuit Court.

Wright, who was just a teenager when he was jailed for 10 years in March, 2007, for a litany of violent crimes, including robbery, hijacking, assault and threatening to kill gardai, has been described as a "ticking time bomb who is capable of anything."

When imposing sentence on Wright in 2007, Judge Michael White said he presented the court with a "huge difficulty" in the very "unusual case" due to his extremely violent background and the court's duty to society.

The judge noted that while Wright could be clear and articulate he was disposed to violence and was at a "very high risk of reoffending".

Evidence had been given that Wright stabbed a youth in the leg during a robbery at Stephen's Green and at a later date hijacked two cars from women at Liffey Valley.


In another incident he was involved in a 15-minute stand-off with gardai in Lucan while armed with a knife, and threatening to go into a house and kill

the occupants.

He also violently resisted arrest in Skerries, Co Dublin, where he spat at, tried to bite and grabbed the testicles of a garda.

While in jail, Wright has continued to cause major problems including breaking a prison officer's nose and injuring another officer in an unprovoked attack.

Apart from multiple assaults, he has over 200 "P19" disciplinary reports from the prison authorities for offences such as being caught with prohibited articles and setting fire to his own cell.