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'Menace to society' frightened tourists away from St Stephen's Green


Neil Mulvaney

Neil Mulvaney

Neil Mulvaney

A SERIAL public order offender whose drunken behaviour scared tourists away from St Stephen's Green has been called "a menace to society".

Neil Mulvaney (35) stumbled drunkenly into the tourists in one incident and hurled abuse at gardai in front of children in another.

Judge Michael Walsh gave him a six-month suspended sentence, but warned he would be jailed if he re-offended.

Dublin District Court heard he had 139 prior convictions.

He pleaded guilty to several new counts of public drunkenness and breach of the peace.

On June 13 last, Mulvaney, of Orchid House, James's Street was on College Green at 7.20pm, holding a paper cup up to people's faces and asking for money.

An elderly man had particular difficulty getting past him.

On May 29, he was intoxicated in St Stephen's Green at 3.55pm, bumping into the public.

He stumbled into a group of tourists and they appeared "quite afraid of him", a garda sergeant said. He was barely able to stand and they ran away.

On July 8, he was drinking in the park and when gardai took his alcohol, he threatened them in front of large numbers of children and tourists.

"The offences are against ordinary, decent law-abiding citizens going about their daily business," Judge Walsh said. "There is no doubt in my mind he is a menace to society."

Defence solicitor Philip Hannon said Mulvaney was from a "decent family".