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Men deny raping homeless woman in city centre hotel


Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

Garda: File photo

The trial has begun of two men accused of raping a homeless woman in a hotel in Dublin city centre in March 2012.

The victim was allegedly raped by one of the men in their room while the other watched.

The woman said she had accompanied the men to the hotel to help them get a room because they are members of the Travelling community and may have been refused, said Pauline Walley, prosecuting.

She said the woman met her female friend, who knew both of the accused, earlier that day.

They met the accused when they went to a bar in Parnell Street. The alleged victim was drinking and taking cocaine.

Counsel said the alleged victim went with the men to Jurys Inn, Christchurch, where they were refused entry.

They then went to Kinlay House hostel in Dame Street, where they were referred to the nearby George Frederic Handel Hotel in Fishamble Street.

The alleged victim went up to the room with the men so as not to arouse suspicion, said Ms Walley, but when she tried to leave she was pushed on to the bed by one of them and raped.


Ms Walley said the woman had kissed the man earlier, but that did not amount to consenting to sexual intercourse.

When the woman tried to leave again, the other accused told her "if you tell anyone I'll throw you out the window".

Counsel said the accused told gardai the alleged victim consented to sexual intercourse.

Ms Walley said evidence would show the DNA of the accused alleged to have physically raped the woman was found on a towel.

The trial continues before Ms Justice Margaret Heneghan and a jury at the Central Criminal Court.