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Mechanic is 'stunned' as boat sold off for just €15k


Bus mechanic Ian Doyle

Bus mechanic Ian Doyle

Bus mechanic Ian Doyle

A €50,000 powerboat belonging to a Dublin Bus mechanic, who was found to have brought a fraudulent accident claim, has been sold for €15,000 to help defray the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIBI) and Zurich Insurance's legal costs.

Stunned-looking father-of-five Ian Doyle (34) told Judge Jacqueline Linnane in the Circuit Civil Court that when he had tried to sell the boat on Done Deal he was offered €28,000.

Judge Linnane told him that when the MIBI and Zurich sought to recover the costs of his fraudulent crash claim they had to trawl websites to find his boat, which he had falsely denied was his.


Barrister Moira Flahive said that despite the sheriff having seized and sold the boat, there were still outstanding costs to be levelled against Doyle.

The court had heard earlier that the legal costs of the fraudulent claim had been assessed at €29,000 against Mr Doyle, of The Academy Building, Park West, Nangor Road, Dublin.

Ms Flahive told the court that in 2007 the Circuit Court found Mr Doyle had fraudulently claimed €60,000 damages against motorist Belinda McLoughlin and the MIBI in a "set up" crash.

An order for costs against Mr Doyle had been made and had since been officially determined at €28,881, which the MIBI and Zurich had sought to recover partly through the sale of the boat.

Zurich had refused to indemnify Ms McLoughlin and had fought four cases, including Doyle's, on the grounds all of them were fraudulent.

Ms Flahive said Mr Doyle was found to be one of four claimants seeking a total of €240,000 damages against Ms McLoughlin.

Zurich had conducted a search of any assets Mr Doyle might have and found he was trying to sell his powerboat.

Judge Linnane struck out the MIBI and Zurich's proceedings to recover and sell the boat.

She said there were still outstanding costs to be met by Mr Doyle.