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Man's threat to shoot dog owner in row

A GALWAY man who suffers from depression pulled out a firearm and threatened to shoot a dog owner after their dogs became entangled.

The court heard that Henry Bryan (52) was out walking his dog Snowy when a dog named Storm ran out of a nearby house and over to Bryan's dog.

Garda Michael Ryan told Tom Neville BL, prosecuting, that Snowy pounced on Storm and Bryan began cursing at Storm's owner.

Bryan said that her dog should be on a leash and said: "I'm gonna burn your house down. I'm gonna kneecap you."

When her partner came out of their house to see what was wrong Bryan pulled out an imitation gun and pointed it at the man. He repeatedly told him: "I'm gonna blow your head off".

Three days later Bryan also threatened to shoot a bar manager and burn down his house because he was annoyed that he was barred from the premises.

Bryan of Sea Road, Galway City, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to criminal damage and making a threat to kill at the Horse and Hound pub, Harmonstown Road, Dublin, on October 16, 2012.


He also admitted unlawful possession of a realistic looking firearm at Ribh Avenue, Harmonstown Road on October 13, 2012.

Judge Martin Nolan adjourned sentencing for two weeks. He remanded Bryan in custody and told him to reflect on his behaviour.

The judge was shown a photograph of Bryan's dog. He commented that the dog seemed to reflect the temperament of its owner.

Gda Ryan told Mr Neville that Storm's owner didn't know the gun was a child's air pistol and was frightened.

Bryan said that a woman had given the pistol to him after somebody had damaged the caravan he was living in at the time.

Garda Laura Nulty said three days after this incident, Bryan came into the Horse and Hound pub wearing pyjama bottoms and screaming and shouting.

Bryan told the bar manager Gary Kane: "You're dead. I'm gonna kill you and burn down your house."