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Maniac gets life for killing mum in knife frenzy

A man who stabbed his flatmate more than 40 times after an argument over her living arrangements has been found guilty of her murder

Marcio Goncalves da Silva (31) had pleaded not guilty to murdering separated mother Joselita Dos Anjos Figueiredo Perieria Da Silva, to whom he was not related, on October 22, 2009.

However, da Silva had pleaded guilty to the 33-year-old's manslaughter in the flat they shared above a takeaway on Tara Street in Tullamore. This was not accepted by the prosecution.

Marcio da Silva gave no reaction as Mr Justice Garret Sheehan imposed the mandatory life sentence, which he backdated to October 22, 2009.


Post-mortem results indicated that the mother of three died from massive internal bleeding, having suffered 51 stab wounds, including as many as three pairs of "through and through" injuries where the knife entered the body and passed through to exit on the opposite side.

The jury heard that the kitchen knife used to kill Joselita was wielded with such force that it fractured her arms on impact and that one of the wounds was 12cm deep.

In one of three statements to gardai, da Silva said that he and Joselita had been lovers for approximately seven months before her death, and that he paid for her food, rent and clothing.

However, the prosecution reminded the jury that the only evidence that da Silva and Joselita had a relationship came from da Silva.

The former construction worker said in interview that he had "lost his mind" and repeatedly stabbed her after she had shouted at him during an argument over her decision to spend a third weekend in a row away from their flat and in another town.

He denied stabbing her because he had become jealous of her decision to reunite with her estranged husband and return to Brazil to retrieve her children.

Speaking outside the court, the victim's 19-year-old son Diego told assembled media that although justice had been done, nothing would bring his mother back.

He said that his mother was a very happy woman who was there when he and his brothers needed her, but that a part of their lives was now missing and they were left with just memories.

The victim's cousin Leucimiere Trinclade said that the family were happy with the sentence and that Joselita was a "great woman" who will be missed for ever.