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Man was in 'deranged' state in city public park

A MAN was found in a "deranged state" after screams were heard coming from a park, a court heard.

Alan Doyle (30) had taken "snow blow" before he was found in a "very distressed" condition.

Doyle, of Blessington Street, Dublin 7, pleaded guilty to trespassing, public intoxication and entering a park while under the influence of a drug, under Dublin City Council byelaws.

The incident happened at St Audoen's Park, Dublin 8, on April 28 last year

Judge Anthony Halpin gave him a five-month sentence, suspended for two years.


Dublin District Court heard gardai were called after screams were reported. They found Doyle in a "manic and deranged state". He appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant and was restrained for his own safety.

Defence solicitor Tony Collier said Doyle was introduced to snow blow when it was still legally sold in head shops.

It was now dealt on the street as it was illegal.

Doyle also admitted shoplifting a necklace and handbag from Costelloe and Costelloe on Chatham Street, Dublin 2.

The court heard he was later found trying to sell them on a nearby street and was arrested.