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Man was 'deliriously drunk' on motorway


Gardai have appealed for witnesses

Gardai have appealed for witnesses

Gardai have appealed for witnesses

A YOUNG man could have killed himself or motorists when he tried to cross a motorway on foot, "deliriously drunk" in the early hours of the morning, a court heard.

Aaron Begley (22) was wearing dark clothing and was disoriented when he wandered across the road, forcing traffic to take evasive action.

Begley, of Deerpark Terrace, Tallaght, pleaded guilty to being drunk and a danger to himself and traffic at the N7 Naas Road on October 25 last.

Gardai were called when he was spotted, at 3.20am.


He appeared unaware of his surroundings and had no recollection of events afterwards.

"I consider it to be unbelievably serious on a dark night, to be walking out absolutely deliriously drunk across the roadway," Judge David McHugh said.

"Whatever about himself getting killed which would be an awful event, he could have caused serious injury or worse to other people."

Judge McHugh adjourned the case to a date in February to see what the accused was doing "to reform himself".