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Man trashed his own car in front of gardai


Photo should be supplied with speeding summons, driver asks court

Photo should be supplied with speeding summons, driver asks court

Photo should be supplied with speeding summons, driver asks court

A MOTORIST with "anger issues" trashed his own car with a wheelbrace when gardai told him they were seizing it after he was stopped driving without insurance or a licence.

Christopher Fox (31) took the tool from the boot and smashed the car's windscreen, claiming that gardai were "laughing at him" during the roadside incident.

Dublin District Court heard he bought the car but forgot to transfer it into his name when he was caught.

Finding him guilty, Judge James Faughnan adjourned the case for a community service suitability report, recommending 200 hours instead of a three-month sentence.

Fox, of Hillbrook Lawn, Brittas, admitted breach of the peace but denied causing criminal damage to the car. He had also pleaded not guilty to producing a wheelbrace in the course of a dispute.

The court heard the incident happened at Cushlawn Dale, Tallaght, last May 30.

Gardai were on duty at 9.30am when they stopped the accused, who was driving a Mitsubishi with no valid insurance, tax or NCT displayed.

The officers said they were seizing the vehicle.


Fox began to argue and kicked the door, handbrake and gearstick. He demanded to be allowed to take his property from the car, and while removing tools from the boot he took out a wheelbrace and used it to smash the windscreen.

Fox was arrested and it was established that the car was registered to a woman with an address in Tallaght.

Fox said in evidence that he owned the car now, but had forgotten to post the log book off.

He claimed four garda cars surrounded him as he was driving to the post office. He alleged he was dragged out and handcuffed.

He said the officers initially let him drive away again, but one then ran up and took the keys from the ignition, which "annoyed" him.

"They thought it was hilarious," he claimed. "They were laughing at me."

Defence barrister Sorcha Whelan said the accused could not be guilty of causing damage to his own property.

A state solicitor argued that the car was under the control of the gardai at the time.

"He seems to have anger issues," Judge Faughnan said.

"He could have handled the situation a lot better, that is accepted," Ms Whelan replied, adding that his actions had been out of "frustration".