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Man swore at gardai after he left station

A YOUNG man who called gardai "f**king mugs" and "f**king jokes" continued to give them cheek even after he was charged, giving them the finger as he made his way home.

Jason Lawlor (22) said to gardai after he left Tallaght Garda Station, "what the f**k are you going to do, arrest me again?"

A judge described Lawlor's behaviour towards the gardai as "appalling".

Lawlor, of Dromcarra Green in Tallaght, admitted before Tallaght District Court to threatening and abusive behaviour in Kiltalown Road on February 20 last.


The court heard Lawlor was arrested and taken to Tallaght Garda Station, and he continued to be abusive in the patrol car on the way to the station.

Garda Thomas O'Dwyer said Lawlor was released shortly after 4pm, and as Lawlor was crossing the road he gave him the finger, shouted at him "what the f**k are you going to do, arrest me again", and ran off laughing.

On this occasion, he was cautioned about his behaviour.

Defence solicitor John O'Leary said Lawlor, who is unemployed and on the dole, was truly sorry for his behaviour, which was totally out of character, saying he made a bad decision to act in such a manner.

Judge David McHugh said Lawlor's language and attitude to gardai over a long period of time was appalling.

The judge ordered Lawlor to complete the offender reparation programme and adjourned sentencing to a date in July.