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Man stabbed pregnant sister because she was 'carrying Dublin baby'


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A mentally ill man who stabbed his pregnant sister four times in the back told gardai he had wanted to kill her because she was "carrying a Dublin baby", a court heard.

Daniel O'Connell (33), who was described as having an "unnatural, almost pathological dislike" of people from Dublin, set on his sister with a 12-inch knife before she grabbed it off him and managed to escape.

As well as being 26 weeks pregnant, Olivia O'Connell (42) was undergoing treatment for cancer at the time.

The Central Criminal Court heard her brother wore latex gloves and had a bag with a hammer and duct tape.

Mr O'Connell, of Rosemount, Newpark, Co Kilkenny, is pleading not guilty to the attempted murder of his sister at Scholars- town Park, Knocklyon, Dublin, on April 25 last year.

Vincent Heneghan, for the defence, said the facts of the case were accepted.

Prosecutor Michael Bowman said the jury would be asked to consider three verdicts: guilty, not guilty, or a special verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity.

Evidence from consultant forensic psychiatrists will be heard later.


Gda Niall Russell, led through his evidence by Mr Bowman, said he was called to the house after receiving information that a man had stabbed his pregnant sister four times.

She had made her way to a neighbour's house and Gda Russell saw she was bleeding from four wounds to her lower back.

She told him her brother had stabbed her and she had struggled with him and taken the knife, which she showed to the garda.

When asked what happened, the accused told Gda Russell he "had tried to kill his sister by stabbing her and he wanted to kill her because she was carrying a Dublin baby".

He also told the garda he intended to kill himself so she "wouldn't be alone in heaven".

Mr O'Connell had a black bag with a hammer and a roll of duct tape in it. When asked why he was wearing latex gloves, he said "to hide fingerprints".

The accused also had the key for the back door of his sister's house in his pocket.

In her statement, Ms O'Connell said she was in the sitting room with her brother and he "came at me at a faster than normal pace".

She jumped up from the sofa and tried to take the knife from him and talk him down.

"He reached over my shoulder and stabbed me in the back three to four times," she said.

Ms O'Connell wrestled the knife from his grip and ran to the back door, but it was locked and the key was not there.

She ran for the front door and he grabbed her nightdress, trying to pull her back, then stamped on her calves to try to bring her down.

Her nightdress ripped and she got free, running to a neighbour's house. She was treated for her wounds and her baby was later born healthy.

"I lost control of my mind," the accused told gardai during interview.

"I just wanted to end my own life and end hers as well as my own. It was a failed murder- suicide. You do know I am deeply remorseful for what I did."

The trial continues.