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Man sold drugs to gardai three times at same location


Dean Glennon admitted selling drug to undercover gardai

Dean Glennon admitted selling drug to undercover gardai

Dean Glennon admitted selling drug to undercover gardai

A young man caught during a garda sting operation selling diazepam to undercover officers has struggled since his father and his stepfather were murdered.

Dean Glennon (21) sold the drug to undercover officers on three occasions last year.

His lawyer told Blanchardstown District Court that Glennon has had difficulties since his father was murdered a decade ago.

His mother subsequently entered into a new relationship, and that man was also murdered, said barrister Ciaran MacLoughlin.

The matter was before Judge David McHugh for sentencing after he ordered a probation report.

Mr MacLoughlin said the defendant failed to keep an appointment with the probation services after he had a seizure caused by his drug taking.

Glennon admitted to three counts of possession of diazepam for sale or supply at The Crescent Shopping Centre in Mulhuddart on May 25, June 25 and September 3, 2015.


Sergeant Maria Callaghan said Glennon sold diazepam to undercover gardai on three occasions. The total value of the drug was €65.

The court heard that Glennon, of Dromheath Avenue in Mulhuddart, has no previous convictions.

Mr MacLoughlin said that Glennon was selling the diazepam to feed his own addiction, and he was "quite a vulnerable young man", whose father was murdered when Glennon was 11 years old.

His mother subsequently entered a new relationship and that man was also murdered.

The court heard the defendant was looking to get into a drug treatment centre.

Mr MacLoughlin also said Glennon was "not a master criminal", the drug dealing all took place at the same location, and it was a mystery to him how he had not learnt his lesson the first time he was caught.

Adjourning the matter for a probation report, Judge McHugh said he would give Glennon "one last chance".

The judge warned Glennon he faced going to jail unless he co-operated with the probation services.