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Man smashed window with bin at Busaras





A MAN who smashed the front window of Dublin's main bus station with a rubbish bin has been ordered to pay compensation for the damage.

John O'Brien (51) picked up the bin and put it through the main window of Busaras, Dublin District Court heard.

He was found lying "comatose" on the ground outside after he caused the damage.


Judge Anthony Halpin said he would be lenient if the money was paid.

O'Brien, with an address at Harcourt Street, pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to a window at Busaras on September 10 last.

The court heard gardai were on duty at the public counter in Store Street Station at 8pm when a security guard from Busaras came in.

He complained that a man was lying "comatose" outside the bus station and had thrown a bin at the front entrance, causing the main window of the premises to break.

The damage had cost €250.

The security guard pointed out the damage and the investigating garda took details from him.

The security guard said he had never taken his eyes off the accused as he was calling in to the garda station.

The court heard O'Brien had "numerous" previous convictions for offences including criminal damage.

O'Brien had a limited recollection of the night's events but accepted the facts as outlined, his solicitor Aine Flynn said.

The accused's life had been "beset by alcohol" for many years.

He is the father of two surviving children, one having died.

His own brother had also recently died in Spain.

The court heard the defendant was currently in temporary accommodation and was on a waiting list for a detox and rehab course.


Judge Halpin asked how long it would take the defendant to save compensation for the damage he had caused.

Ms Flynn said the accused's circumstances were very limited but he would pay the money if given enough time.

The judge adjourned the case until a date in February and advised the defendant to put aside €25 per week.

He said he was taking account of the fact that the defendant would have to get the money over Christmas.

He said he would take a "charitable view" of the case if this was done.