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Man smashed neighbour's car over family feud

A YOUNG man smashed his neighbour's car windscreen over a long-running feud between two families, a court heard.

Wesley Connolly (23) was found guilty of causing criminal damage to the car.

Judge Catherine Murphy said it was an "appalling reflection" on the two sisters involved that their dispute was now being visited on another generation.

The judge adjourned the case for a week to decide on the penalty after hearing Connolly had never been in trouble before.

The accused, of Allenton Road, Tallaght, denied any involvement in damaging Chantelle Hendricks' Opel Astra while it was parked outside her father's house at nearby Allenton Avenue on August 5, 2009.

Dublin District Court heard she had seen him hurl what appeared to be a golf ball at the windscreen, shattering it, but the object was never found.

At the time, she was visiting her father and his partner Carmel Murphy, watching Big Brother on TV.

Ms Murphy was the accused's aunt and sister of his mother, Teresa Connolly.


Ms Hendricks said she heard the accused's brother Sean outside, shouting that their windows were going to be smashed.

Minutes later, the accused's sister Kirsten drove past with her partner Alan McNamara in the car. Ms Hendricks claimed Mr McNamara "shouted at the house that we were dead".

She noticed the accused passing a short time later on his way home. He returned, walked up to her car, raised his arm and threw "an object" through the windscreen, shattering it, before running off in the direction of his own house again.

Both families said they called the gardai, who had put the Connollys on "high alert" because of a previous attack on their home.

The defendant said in evidence he had been working hard on the night, his grandmother had recently died, he had a lot on his mind and the other family was not "on his radar".

He denied returning to Ms Hendricks' father's house and said of the criminal damage: "I didn't do it".