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Man smashed into ex's home like 'Swat team'

A DUBLIN factory worker broke into his ex-girlfriend's house like he was in "a swat team", kicked her in the back and smashed her phone after demanding alcohol, a court heard.

Graham Smith (30) came in through a window in the woman's house, attacked her and then made for a fridge where cans of beer were kept.

Dublin District Court heard he shouted "just give me a can and I'll go away" before crawling in through a boarded-up broken window.

A judge adjourned the case for a probation report after finding him guilty of charges of burglary, criminal damage and breach of a barring order.

The accused, of Cairn Court, Poppintree had denied the charges in an incident at his ex-partner Jennifer Redmond's home on August 27, 2011.

He claimed he was asleep on a couch at his mother's home at the time and was not at Ms Redmond's address at all. The court heard the incident happened after their "turbulent", year-long relationship ended.

Ms Redmond said she was playing cards in her living room at Cromlech Court, Poppintree with her friend Christopher Geraghty when Smith arrived, roaring through her window: "Jennifer, just give me a can and I'll go away."

She called the gardai and was on the phone when Smith got in by pulling down a board from a previously broken window and climbing through.

He grabbed the phone from her hand, smashed it on the ground and kicked her in the back. Smith then went out to a fridge in the hall and Mr Geraghty said: "He's going for the drink". Cans fell from the fridge and Mr Geraghty put Smith out of the house.

The court heard Ms Redmond got an barring order against the accused the previous day, alleging he assaulted her by beating her up and leaving her at the side of the road. No assault charge was brought.

She told the court: "I have no malice against him, he is a good bloke, it's just alcohol brings out the worst in him."

Describing Smith's entry to the house, Mr Geraghty said he "came in the window like something you would see on the telly, like a swat team".

In cross-examination, he denied "making up the story" out of sympathy for his friend, Ms Redmond.

IThe defendant said he was at his mother's house and that the incident did not happen. He claimed Ms Redmond's phone was broken before. He admitted he was an alcoholic, but insisted he was "not a violent person".

Judge Ann Ryan said she did not think a prison sentence was appropriate and adjourned the case to January 17.