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Man punched his sister after headshop row

A HEAD shop drug user punched his older sister in the face, then smashed her car windscreen in a rage when he found out she had told their father about his problem.

Thomas Crawley (20) went to a pub where his sister was out socialising and attacked her, before finding her car and kicking in its windscreen.

Dublin District Court heard his concerned sister Georgina had told their father he was using drugs from the 'Happy Hippy' shop a month before and he reacted violently when he found out.

His sister, who is in her 30s, was left with bruising and swelling to her face following the incident.

Judge Catherine Staines said it was an "appalling" assault and told Crawley he would have to carry out the maximum amount of community service the court can order to avoid a seven-month jail sentence.

She also ordered him to pay €600 in compensation for the damage to the car.

Crawley, of no fixed address, pleaded guilty to charges of assault causing harm and criminal damage in the incident on May 16 last.


Garda Sarah Flynn told the court that the accused's sister was in Molly's bar on the Ballybough Road.

"She was with friends sitting down when she heard her name being called," the garda said. "She looked up and saw her brother and he punched her in the right eye."

The accused then left the bar and made his way to her sister's house at Croke Park Villas. Her car was parked outside and he kicked it in.

The defendant had no previous convictions. In a statement to gardai, he made full admissions.

The victim, in her statement, told how she had always had a good relationship with her brother.

A month before he hit her, she had told her father that Crawley was on "the Happy Hippy Shop stuff", and this was the root of the incident.

The accused had been "in a bad place" at the time, his barrister Diarmuid Collins said. He was not using the drugs anymore and they were no longer available.

The judge remanded Crawley on bail to a date in February. She recommended 240 hours of community service.