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Man needed stitches after attack in club

A RETAIL worker hit a reveller on the back of his head during a bathroom assault leaving him needing five stitches to the wound, a court heard.

Mark Mooney (25) had claimed he hit Peter Farrelly twice in self-defence after he swung a punch at him.

He also alleged Mr Farrelly received the gash when he fell and hit his head.

Mr Farrelly said he was in the men's toilet of a Dublin city centre nightclub when he was struck from behind, and he crawled into a cubicle for safety. He also said he blacked out and didn't see the man who attacked him.

A court heard that Mooney admitted to gardai that he had hit Mr Farrelly.

Judge James Faughnan ordered a probation report and adjourned sentencing for eight weeks.

The defendant, of Keeper Road in Drimnagh, was found guilty before Dublin District Court of assaulting Mr Farrelly at the Palace nightclub, Camden Street, Dublin 2 in the early hours of July 1, 2012.


Mr Farrelly told the court he was in Dublin to attend a football match the following day.

He was out with a few friends and was in the Palace nightclub. He went into the men's toilets shortly after 1am, and he was struck from behind.

Mr Farrelly said there was blood everywhere and he crawled into a cubicle for safety.

He was taken by ambulance to St James' Hospital and he suffered a dislocated finger as well as gum damage and a gash to the back of his head, which required five stitches.

In his evidence, Mooney claimed he followed Mr Farrelly into the toilets as he wanted to quiz him about an earlier alleged incident.

Mooney, who has never been in trouble before, said the pair had words, Mr Farrelly swung at him, he ducked and swung at him four or five times, hitting him twice on the face.

He claimed Mr Farrelly cut his head when he fell.

Finding Mooney guilty of assault, Judge Faughnan said it appeared the defendant went on a mission he shouldn't have.