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Man nearly lost eye as 'son beaten by thugs'

A TERRIFIED father was just a millimetre from losing an eye during a knife slash attack when two teenage raiders forced their way into his home and attacked his son, a court has heard.

Two boys, aged 16 and 17, who cannot be identified, are facing assault, aggravated burglary and criminal damage charges following an alleged incident in Tallaght, at 12.50am, on January 15 last.

They appeared before Judge John O'Connor for a preliminary hearing to determine whether their trial will remain in the jurisdiction of the Dublin Children's Court or be sent forward to the Circuit Court, which can impose harsher sentences.

The DPP has recommended they should be tried in the higher court.

Det Garda Dave Jennings told Judge O'Connor that it was alleged that the man's 17-year-old son had been watching TV in their home when the two youths "forced their way in".

It was claimed there was a struggle and the 17-year-old received "a couple of blows".

The boy managed to fend off the alleged raiders and forced them out. It was alleged that the younger defendant then handed a knife to his co-accused.

The 40-year-old home- owner then came downstairs to confront them. It was alleged the older defendant "swung the knife at the man, catching him from the base of his nose right up under the eye".

Photos of the man's injuries were handed in to court and Det Gda Jennings told Judge O'Connor that this attack, "could have resulted in the loss of an eye".


He also said the man and his son were "terrified, extremely upset and traumatised".

Det Gda Jennings alleged that while he was dealing with the victims, the two teens returned to the scene.

Gardai and the man's 17-year-old son then chased them on foot. At this point it was alleged the younger defendant was now armed with the knife and swung it at the victim's son.

The judge deferred ruling on the trial venue for the second defendant to allow time for welfare report to be furnished.