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Man 'lost four teeth' in alleged one punch attack


Raymond Dunne

Raymond Dunne

Raymond dunne

Raymond dunne


Raymond Dunne

A DUBLIN man has been accused of punching another man in the face, leaving him with four missing teeth.

Raymond Dunne (21) is alleged to have assaulted the man, who was walking to a garage, in what was described in court as an alleged "unprovoked" attack.

Judge Patricia McNamara adjourned the case at Dublin District Court.

Dunne, of Killinarden Estate, Tallaght, is charged with assault causing harm to a man at the Hole In The Wall Road, Donaghmede, on August 21, 2013.


A garda sergeant said the alleged victim was walking from his apartment to a garage when the accused approached him.

The incident took place at 11.30pm, the sergeant said.

It was alleged that the defendant was staggering on the road and "for no obvious reason" struck the alleged victim.

"It is alleged Mr Dunne struck him with a single punch to the mouth," the sergeant said.

"It was unprovoked," he added.

The alleged victim, who is aged 38, had four teeth removed afterwards, the court was told.

Judge McNamara said a dental report stated that the lost teeth were 'new'.

She said the report also noted that the teeth "would probably have fallen out in a short period of time because they were in such a poor state".

She said the report needed to be questioned.


The judge ordered full disclosure of prosecution documents, including medical reports. She did this at the request of defence solicitor Edward Bradbury.

Judge McNamara granted free legal aid after hearing the accused was not working and was in receipt of social welfare.

There were no garda objections to the legal aid application.

The case was adjourned to September for the accused to indicate how he intends to plead.