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Man jailed for smashing up car with baby inside

A MAN who took part in a violent attack on a car which had three children, including a baby, inside kicked off a bitter feud that has led to a number of pipe bomb attacks, savage assaults and shootings.

Reckless criminal Anthony McDonnell (32) has been jailed for 15 months after Dublin Circuit Court heard that he was was one of three men who used baseball bats to smash all the windows in the car in which the terrified children were in.


The men were involved in a feud with the father of the children and recognised his car when his pregnant partner, Bridget Collins (27), had parked it at the Tesco Clearwater shopping centre, Finglas, Co Dublin in April of last year.

Dublin Circuit Criminal Court heard that McDonnell was concerned when he saw the children and one man said to let them out. A third man said to leave them in the car and the group began their assault.

Ms Collins was later forced to flee to Manchester after associates of McDonnell firebombed her Finglas home in August of last year.

After this attack there were dozens of incidents including pipe bomb attacks, a mass brawl and a number of assaults.

Garda Martin Reilly told Anne Rowland, prosecuting, that Bridget Collins (27) was going into the shop when she heard her eight-year-old daughter screaming.

She turned and saw the accused and his brother David McDonnell and a third man smashing the car windows while her youngest child, then aged two, was seated in a baby seat in the back of the car.

Ms Collins said that her baby daughter was left with some cuts and that for a while after the attack all of her children had nightmares.

Finglas man David McDonnell (31) was jailed for 18 months for his role in the attack at a court sitting in June.

Anthony McDonnell of Dunsink Green, Finglas, pleaded guilty to violent disorder at Tesco Clearwater, Finglas on April 15, 2011.

Judge Martin Nolan imposed a four year prison term but suspended all but the 15 months on the condition that McDonnell keep the peace for two years after his release.